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1 a narrow strip of land that juts out into the sea [syn: tongue]
2 a clear liquid secreted into the mouth by the salivary glands and mucous glands of the mouth; moistens the mouth and starts the digestion of starches [syn: saliva, spittle]
3 a skewer for holding meat over a fire
4 the act of spitting (forcefully expelling saliva) [syn: spitting, expectoration]


1 expel or eject (saliva or phlegm or sputum) from the mouth; "The father of the victim spat at the alleged murderer" [syn: ptyalize, ptyalise, spew, spue]
2 utter with anger or contempt [syn: spit out]
3 rain gently; "It has only sprinkled, but the roads are slick" [syn: sprinkle, spatter, patter, pitter-patter]
4 drive a skewer through; "skewer the meat for the BBQ" [syn: skewer] [also: spitting, spitted, spat]

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  • /'spɪt/

Etymology 1



  1. A rod on which meat is grilled (UK English) or broiled (US English).
  2. A narrow, pointed, usually sandy peninsula.
a rod on which meat is grilled/broiled
a narrow, usually sandy peninsula
  • Russian: коса


  1. To impale on a spit.

Etymology 2



  1. To evacuate saliva from the mouth.
to evacuate saliva from the mouth


  1. Saliva.
  2. An instance of spitting.


  • Swedish: spott



  1. you.
  2. yours.

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andiron, assibilate, assibilation, auger, bayonet, bill, bite, bore, breakwater, broach, buzz, cape, chain, chersonese, clack, click, clone, coal tongs, color, copy, coral reef, counterpart, countersink, crack, crackle, crane, crepitate, crook, dagger, damper, decrepitate, delta, dirk, discharge, double, dribble, drill, drivel, drizzle, drool, drum, duplicate, effervesce, effervescence, effervescing, eject, empierce, expectorate, expectoration, fall, fire hook, fire tongs, firedog, fix, fizz, fizzle, fizzling, flush, foam, font, foreland, fount, fountain, frication, frictional rustling, froth, frown, geyser, glare, glower, gnarl, gore, gouge, gouge out, grate, grating, grid, griddle, gridiron, grill, griller, growl, grumble, gush, hawk, head, headland, hiss, hissing, hole, honeycomb, hook, hush, hushing, image, impale, jet, knife, lance, lifter, likeness, lisp, look daggers, lower, mantle, mizzle, mouth-watering, mull, naze, needle, ness, patter, pelt, penetrate, peninsula, perforate, picture, pierce, pink, pitter-patter, play, plunge in, point, poker, poniard, portrait, pothook, pour, pour with rain, precipitate, prick, promontory, ptyalism, punch, puncture, rain, rain tadpoles, ream, ream out, redden, reef, rhonchus, riddle, ringer, rip out, run through, rush, saber, salamander, saliva, salivate, salivation, sandspit, scowl, shower, shower down, shush, shushing, sialagogue, sibilance, sibilate, sibilation, siffle, sigmatism, simulacrum, siss, sissing, sizz, sizzle, sizzling, skewer, slabber, slaver, slobber, snap, snarl, sneeze, sneezing, sniff, sniffle, snore, snort, snuff, snuffle, spatter, spear, spew, spike, spitting image, spittle, splutter, spout, spouter, spray, sprinkle, spritz, spur, spurt, spurtle, sputter, sputum, squash, squelch, squirt, squish, stab, sternutation, stertor, stick, stiletto, stream, surge, swish, sword, tap, tattoo, tongs, tongue, transfix, transpierce, trepan, trephine, tripod, trivet, turnspit, twin, vomit, vomit forth, vomit out, water, weep, well, wheeze, whish, whistle, whistling, white noise, whiz, whoosh, zip
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